Fosso Castello

An evocative and timeless place

An oasis of peace amidst unspoilt nature

Fosso Castello is found a short distance from the Tower of Chia, and is a place rich in history and a true oasis of peace amidst unspoilt nature. Among the gorges that appear in the dense scrubland runs the little Castello stream with its magnificent water features, including small waterfalls and pools. All along its course you can admire the enormous peperino boulders, which have been smoothed by the erosion of the water, taking on highly varied forms.

An evocative and timeless place

As well as its undisputed natural beauty, this place has numerous traces of settlements, many of which predate the castle, especially those dating back to the Etruscan-Roman period.
With its fairytale atmosphere and the abundance of water in the little stream that makes its way via leaps and waterfalls, Fosso Castello was chosen by the director Pier Paolo Pasolini as the ideal location to shoot the scene of Jesus’ baptism in the film “The Gospel According to Matthew”. In the early 70s the director and writer, by now in love with the area, decided to buy the Castello di Colle Casale in order to restore it and use it as his second home.

Rediscover the traces of an ancient past

Fosso Castello is a timeless place to spend a wonderful day in nature, along the paths which get lost amongst the dense undergrowth and the remaining ruins of the ancient settlements, but it is also a great outdoor trail, perfect for anyone who wants to admire one of the most picturesque areas of Tuscia.

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