Malano Forest

on the trail of the ancient Etruscan Roman peoples

An area rich in archaeological remains of ancient Etruscan Roman settlements

In the northernmost part of the town of Soriano, on a slope at the extreme foothills of the Cimini Mountains, is the archaeological area of Malano. An area rich in archaeological remains of ancient Etruscan Roman settlements: rock altars overlooking the valleys, simulacra with mysterious steps and artifacts that the Ancients used for their practices related to worship and burial.

The stone of the preacher

The most noteworthy find consists of a large cubic rock monolith, with a ladder carved out of the rock itself, which leads to the flattened upper part, where an orientation cross is engraved. This particular structure, called “Sasso del Predicatore” (“Stone of the Preacher”) due to its remarkable resemblance to a pulpit, was used as a pagan altar or for the practice of haruspicy by the Etruscan Roman populations.

One of the most beautiful outdoor routes in Tuscia

Malano is certainly one of the most interesting archaeological areas. Through the various paths that lead through nature it is possible to visit these sacred and mysterious places, rediscovering the traces of the ancient Etruscan Roman peoples. It can be considered one of the most attractive outdoor routes in Tuscia, especially during the autumn and spring, when the forest’s colours reach their maximum splendour.

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