Church of St Nicholas of Bari

The majestic and elegant neoclassical cathedral

The cathedral dedicated to St Nicholas of Bari, protector of Soriano

The cathedral stands in the town’s main square, with a beautiful image of Pope John Paul II placed above the main entrance to welcome the faithful.
The church has not always been as it appears today. The Cathedral as we see it has eighteenth-century origins. On this site there were previously two older churches, dedicated to the Holy Annunciation and St Eutizio. The imposing building was erected above a somewhat frightening cliff, which forced the workers to raise a sturdy wall about 20 metres high to put the back part on the same supporting surface as the front.
The front side, made entirely of brick, gives the building that characteristic reddish colour. The church’s beauty comes from the two side bell towers and the many architectural elements which adorn it: pilasters, cornices, doorways in peperino stone, capitals, the tympanum and two towers, between which stands an imposing artistically made iron cross.
Entering the building through the main door and moving towards the main altar, you can see an excellent representation of St Nicholas of Bari, protector of the town, depicted working to make the water gush out to drive the Devil away from the place of worship. A golden frame surrounds the canvas. At the centre of the presbytery, at the top of three steps, stands a marble altar enclosed within a hand-carved marble balustrade from the 1700s. At the back, on two steps beyond the altar, you can see a large cross and six golden metal lamp holders. The altar is surrounded by the choir, made with walnut wood.

In the body of the church there are six side altars, each with sacred depictions in paintings with gilded wooden frames, internal steps, altar frontal and balustrades made entirely of marble. In the inner part of the main door, on the side you can see two black marble columns and two in painted stucco, which support the choir. Inside there is a magnificent Roman organ made by Aldobrando Fedele in 1794. On the right and left side of the central nave there are two sunken holy water basins made of black veined marble.

Towering over the town square

The church is in the shape of a Greek cross, with vaulted arches in each of the side altars. The central nave, also vaulted, has a dome adorned with stuccos, square patterns and floral designs. The whole church can be appreciated for its vastness and solemnity, rich in stuccos, rose windows, capitals, chandeliers and marble structures, which together fully display the charm of the Renaissance style.

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