Fonte Papacqua

The renaissance heart of Soriano nel Cimino

One of the most imaginative creations of sixteenth century mannerism

Fed by its own source, the Fonte Papacqua or Regina delle Acque (Queen of the Water) is a clear example of sixteenth century Italian mannerism. The Fonte consists of two groups of sculptures carved directly into the rock.
The central group depicts a giant female figure with goat’s feet and a satyr on her shoulders, surrounded by figures of children and a flock of sheep, with a monumental bust of the god Pan and a young piper on the left. Along the perimeter of one of the two complexes of the Palazzo Chigi-Albani where the fountain is found, particularly striking is Moses making the water spring forth from a rock as some followers prepare to drink it. Finally, water gushes from the nymphaeum housed inside the adjacent grotto, falling like a cascade into a large basin at the foot of the slope on which the palazzo stands.

Spesa finanziata dalla Regione Lazio Determinazione n. G04816 del 09/05/2016 e s.m.i.
Avviso pubblico “Reti di Imprese tra Attivit√† Economiche su Strada”

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