Church of St Eutizio

Soriano's primitive cathedral

Standing imposingly at the top of the town

At the top of the old fountain square stands the imposing Church of St Eutizio. It was Soriano’s first cathedral. Built within the town, the structure has medieval origins, traces of which can be observed along the perimeter walls and in the apse. In the Renaissance period it underwent profound changes, although its appearance today is the work of the Albani family, as enshrined in the coat of arms placed above the central window of the facade.

Outside you can admire: the steps, which leads to the main door made entirely of wood, the pillars, the capitals, the tympanum and the large window, all rich in architectural elements made of peperino, in contrast with the church’s light walls.

The church’s interior is grand with light stuccos and walls painted yellow.
The nave is separated from the apse by a large marble balustrade. The main altar is decorated in front with yellow and black marble inlays. Above, the tabernacle is a beautiful example of Baroque sculpture. Below the main altar in a silver casket are the bones of St Vincent the martyr, donated by Pope Innocent X in 1653.

In the background of the altar, in a coloured marble frame, is a painting from 1861 depicting the martyrdom of St Eutizio. Above the painting, in the centre of the marble sculpture, appears a dove flying among the clouds, spreading the divine light admired by a group of little angels. Opposite the altar we find the choir lit by the rear window. The seventeenth-century organ was renovated in 1990.

Rich in marble sculptures

Throughout the church we find paintings and statues depicting various religious themes but, aside from the main marble altar, the most valuable work is certainly the marble oil store found to the left of the entrance. An architectural facade with a tympanum and bas-reliefs created in the 1400s by the Italian sculptor and architect Andrea Bregno. Among the ornamental elements you can see the baptism of Christ, two praying angels and the dove of the Holy Spirit.

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