Gate of the bridge

The main access to the historic centre

The main access to the historic centre

The arch, consisting of rusticated peperino inserts, is positioned at one of the four entrances to the town, originally surrounded by a moat and equipped with a drawbridge. Destroyed in the bombing of 1944, the current gate was rebuilt according to Angelo Santocchi’s 1903 design.
On either side of the arch are the marble statues of St Eutizio and the Madonna (late 18th century), resting on two cylindrical Roman marble areas decorated with floral festoon reliefs, placed there on the occasion of the city cathedral’s inauguration.
Above is the Albani family coat of arms and a plaque commemorating the bombing.

Spesa finanziata dalla Regione Lazio Determinazione n. G04816 del 09/05/2016 e s.m.i.
Avviso pubblico “Reti di Imprese tra Attivit√† Economiche su Strada”

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