Church of St Anthony

Rich in marble and important paintings

Dedicated to St Anthony of Padua

Very close to the town’s main square, almost hidden among the buildings, stands the Church of St Anthony of Padua. Located in Via Santa Maria at the edge of the San Giorgio district, it was built in the mid-seventeenth century and had its front restored in 1934.

The church is rather small and consists of a single nave with three altars, a main one at the front and two at the side, of clear Baroque origin.

Small but unexpected

The front altar is distinguished by the presence of precious marble. In the background is the image of St Anthony with Jesus as a child, protected by the Virgin Mary, depicted inside a golden radial frame. The presbytery is decorated with white stuccos and opens with a large vault towards the nave. A stone balustrade separates the two sections. On the right side is a large painting depicting the Madonna with Child, St Dominic and St Catherine surrounded by various angels. The painting is attributable to the famous Tadeusz Kuntze.
The other minor altars depict, on one side, the Madonna with Child, St Philip Neri and another unidentified saint, and on the other the Archangel Raphael leading the little Tobiolo.
On the opposite side of the altar we find a beautiful wooden balustrade used for the choir area.

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Avviso pubblico “Reti di Imprese tra Attivit√† Economiche su Strada”

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