The Church of St George

A perfect example of Romanesque architecture

among the area's most significant historical monuments

The Church of St George stands in the immediate periphery of the town of Soriano nel Cimino, and is one of its most significant historical monuments. The small church is a perfect example of Romanesque architecture, although it has undergone several changes over the course of its history. While there is no definite information about when construction began and who commissioned it, it is assumed to have begun roughly around the 11th century.

In the 18th century, due to its poor state of preservation, the Church of St George underwent significant renovation. The work was carried out at the behest of the Prince of Soriano, Cardinal Annibale Albani, who dramatically changed the church’s original appearance using the Baroque style. In the early twentieth century the church, now fallen into ruin, underwent further restoration during which all the Baroque outer structures were removed, the roof was redone and the original structure was uncovered.

What to see

The building has a rectangular structure and a single nave with a single semicircular apse. On the left side rises a small bell gable. In the tympanum section, the gabled facade has a mullioned window with an internal column and is flanked, at the sides, by two angels in relief.
In the lower part is the entrance door with a round arch, decorated with a band in bas-reliefs of stylised chestnut branches; on the sides are some panels with exquisite workmanship which, although not entirely clear, depict some phases of stonemasons’ work such as cutting and rough-hewing the blocks.

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