Palazzo Chigi-Albani

The renaissance heart of Soriano nel Cimino

The renaissance heart of Soriano nel Cimino

Palazzo Chigi-Albani and the adjacent Fonte Papacqua represent a magnificent example of an architectural complex with Renaissance origins. The palazzo’s construction began when the fief of Soriano belonged to the Madruzzo family. The palazzo was designed and built by the architect Ottaviano Schiratti for Cardinal Cristoforo Madruccio. In the nineteenth century the Chigi family took over: they were descendants of the Albani who, in 1848 and while still owners of the Palazzo, renounced their feudal rights in favour of the Holy See.

One of the most imaginative creations of sixteenth century mannerism

The elegant Fonte Papacqua or Regina delle Acque, a clear example of sixteenth century Italian mannerism, is also part of the overall architectural complex. The Fonte consists of two groups of sculptures carved directly into the rock. The central group depicts a female figure with goat’s feet, with three little children beside her, two satyrs, the god Pan playing the pipe, and various other animal figures. The group of sculptures on the left show Moses making water spring from a rock, surrounded by thirsty Israelites.

What to see

Today, visitors to Palazzo Chigi-Albani, which has become part of Soriano’s heritage, can only visit the stables, Italian-style hanging gardens and fountains, which have returned to their former glory after years of restoration. Within the stables area is the Lucio Ranucci Gallery, which exhibits 24 works by the Soriano-born painter, known throughout the world and in particular in South America, where he did most of his cultural and artistic work.
There are also temporary exhibitions, conferences and book presentations taking place at the monumental complex all year round.

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