Torre del ponte (bridge tower)

The bridge tower

The nineteenth-century Clock Tower is characterised by a stone structure added to an arch dating back to an earlier era.
Above is the Orsini family crest, while below two plaques commemorate St Rose’s stay in Soriano. At the top of the tower is a clock, its colours brightening up the building.
On the inner side of the building, overlooking the tiny Piazza Fontana Vecchia, in the lunette above the arch there is a baroque fresco on a sacred theme, greatly deteriorated and therefore difficult to make out.

Spesa finanziata dalla Regione Lazio Determinazione n. G04816 del 09/05/2016 e s.m.i.
Avviso pubblico “Reti di Imprese tra Attivit√† Economiche su Strada”

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