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Knowledge and culture give man dignity and freedom

Soriano nel Cimino’s library was founded in 1977 with the aim of spreading the passion for reading and knowledge and to open minds towards new horizons. Since 1990 it has been located in a beautiful building from the 1800s, which was completely renovated in the 1980s (Palazzo Catalani). The facade is distinguished by the architectural entrance, characterised by a doorway between two columns which support a small balcony.
The building’s interior is divided into several floors, each of which has decorated wooden ceilings dating back to the 1800s. On the ground floor is a series of rooms dedicated to young readers, a room used for silent study and reading, and a garden for outdoor games and activities. On the second floor, as on the first, we find additional rooms dedicated to reading, a series of bookcases for choosing texts from, and multicultural sections. The basement contains an archive of fully catalogued books. The presence of texts dating back as far as 1400 gives the building important historical and cultural value. Soriano library’s collection is one of vast heritage and boasts over 60,000 volumes.
Soriano nel Cimino library is a living environment that continuously promotes and organises interesting cultural activities dedicated to reading, with the aim of bringing children closer to the wonderful world of books. One of the greatest initiatives saw collaboration between the library and the well-known sculptor from the town Luigi Fondi, who involved the kids in a series of activities and work. A written story that later became a real statue. The illustrated book tells of the adventures of a little girl and her dog who, after suffering the torment of war, destruction and transformation of the world, turned into stone and will remain so until peace returns. The sculpture can be admired in the outdoor gardens at Soriano nel Cimino library.

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